Hey, everyone. The birthday girl is back in town. I just spent two weeks in Europe visiting country to country. It sounds funny to me when I think about it because it used to be crazy to me when I see Caucasian folks doing it till i put my self in the situation. It was crazy fun. you should try it.

First, let me tell you that Europe is beautiful from Brussels to Antwerp to Paris to London to Amsterdam but US is better.

Brussels and Antwerp are beautiful. The people there are RUDE period. They will bump into you without even looking back. Even though they speak french, english and dutch, the dutch dominate.

Paris is beautiful but a bit disappointing because I was expecting a wonderful city because they held the biggest fashion shows in the industry.

London was great but i was not impressed. It was like they stop building, they are just enjoying these old historic buildings from the slavery time.

Amsterdam is the best, lovely town better than most town in US. I will definitely go back. And the RED LIGHT DISTRICT, i could not believe my eyes.

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